Garden Updates & tentree

Sunflowers happen to be my favorite flowers. Last month, I planted sunflower seeds in the front yard. Unfortunately, the gardener chopped off all of them but one. On top of that, my snapdragons are blooming like crazy. Makes my little plant lady heart happy. I’m still really determined to grow more sunflowers – last week, I planted new ones but in pots this time!

Also, last week, I came across a clothing company called tentree! They’re a company similar to TOMS; with every purchase you make, they give you a code for 10 trees to be planted. You can choose to have the trees impact air, land or water. I registered my trees to have an impact on the land and they’re due to be planted in Madagascar! 🙂

Besides that, not much has been going on. Chris and I are headed to San Francisco next week so I have to get through five more days of work before turning on my vacation switch. Until then, have an intreesting week ahead of you!

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