Afternoon Walks with My Mama

This past Monday, my mom and I started going on little afternoon walks around the neighborhood. On our last walk, we found a nice little trail tucked in between a few houses and decided to explore it today! It seemed really sketchy at first; and as someone who enjoys watching Forensic Files and Criminal Minds, my mind was off to dark places, expecting the worst.

Lo and behold, it wasn’t that scary. In fact, we got a bit of  a view of the San Gabriel Mountains and some really pretty plants along the way. Of course, I would take a picture of cactus because I love my succulents! For the past few weeks, I’ve been so bombarded with work and catching up on sleep that I felt myself itching to be back outdoors and just enjoying nature. Today’s walk was a reminder that I don’t have to drive out to the wilderness to fulfill that need; in fact, it never hurts to explore right around the neighborhood!

On our way back home, we walked by favorite hedge – I rushed my mom to take a photo with it! At first she said no… but even Chris has a photo with this damn hedge, ha ha ha.  Today’s walk was a good workout. Tomorrow again! I’m really looking forward to these walks – definitely one of the perks of working the morning shifts. Two more shifts and it’s my weekend.

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  • It’s so great that you and your mom have this special time together! The new trail is a good reminder not to judge a book by its cover and I’m glad it turned out nice for y’all!

  • CRIES it does look like a sketchy neighborhood where people got mugged or drug ambush usually takes place on lmao but it also looks quite neat and pretty! any place is better with flowers, imo. cheers to more afternoon walks with mom!

  • You and your Mama are adorable! She looks so young, too! The nice thing about living where we do is that there are places of green in the neighborhood if we just look for them. I should take more walks, like you, as well on my “off” days! Why is that hedge your favorite?

  • That photo of your mum is so cute! Haha love how it is THE hedge. You are right, sometimes there’s are beautiful places just in the neighbourhood. Just might be a little more discreet. Have a great weekend!

    Nat • Dignifiable

  • I miss my mama! but I can’t walk with her for an hour – She always lectures me haha! You two look lovely! I will also expect the worst, only when I walk alone though. I admire pretty plants! One of the reasons why I get motivated when I’m walking. Enjoy more walks Eena <3

  • It’s cool that you found a trail nearby for a walk! You have some nice views along the way! I love trees with a bunch of blossoms ;). Your mom is so adorable! Glad to see you getting your activities goals on your Apple Watch! Glad to hear you enjoying the walk~

  • The only time I can get my mama to take long walks with me is if we’re in the mall. And that takes like 2-3 hours, but it’s good exercise. Haha! I wish we have more greens in our neighborhood – we have to walk another half hour to reach a nice place to walk or jog around.

  • Your walk looks like so much fun! I love all of the nature and I’m glad that it didn’t turn out as sketchy as you expected lol. I miss going on walks just for fun because here you have to walk everywhere to get places so it’s not as enjoyable to just go for a stroll .

  • I always enjoy walking around my neighbourhood and discovering new places!! It’s so nice that you got to bond with your mom over refreshing walks like this. It’s honestly reminded me to do the same with my own mom, I hardly see her because of work and her own work too.

    Those flowers are an instagrammers dream!!!