Another foodie adventure, another foodie files post. The featured restaurants in today’s post is Nori (a poke burrito/sushi wrap place) and Lemonade (a healthier and adult version of your childhood cafeteria)!

  • December, already?!

    How is it December already?! It honestly feels like November just started and then poof, it’s gone. Here’s a quick update of how November went and some things to look forward to for the new month!

  • Eaton Canyon Falls

    This past week, Chris and I did a new trail in the heart of Pasadena – Eaton Canyon. It’s a heavily populated hike that features a waterfall at the end of the trail.

  • Hiking to Big Horn Mine

    A few weeks ago, I came across the Big Horn Mine trail in one of the hiking books I purchased from REI. Chris and I finally got a chance to go up there this past week!

  • Ben Overturff Trail

    A few weeks ago, my family set on another hike. This time, we went on the Ben Overturff Trail, a less-trafficked trail within the heart of Monrovia. The hike proved to be rather eerie.

  • Twenty-Six

    This year, I turn 26 making me officially in my late-twenties (for me at least). I celebrated my day feeling loved and surrounded by people dearest to my heart.