• December, already?!

    How is it December already?! It honestly feels like November just started and then poof, it’s gone. Here’s a quick update of how November went and some things to look forward to for the new month!

  • Twenty-Six

    This year, I turn 26 making me officially in my late-twenties (for me at least). I celebrated my day feeling loved and surrounded by people dearest to my heart.

  • Dad’s 46th

    My dad recently turned 46, and we celebrated his birthday at his favorite Sunday brunch buffet at the Queen Mary. The buffet may cost a lot but it’s also a pass to explore the ship.

  • Aaaand, six years!

    How crazy – Chris and I reached our six year anniversary! Who would’ve thought we would’ve made it this far? Beyond grateful for six years of adventures and many many many more to go ♥

  • Afternoon Walks with My Mama

    Since I started working mornings at my job, I’ve been able to go on afternoon walks with my mom around the neighborhood. It’s fun and it’s good for my health too!

  • The Trail and others

    A quick update on what’s been going on in my life – from new obsession with an app on my phone to meeting some of my favorite bloggers in person.