2018: Year in Review

Looking back at 2018 and getting ready for the new year to come!


Just a quick excerpt of how my 26th year was and looking forward to what being 27 brings.


Celebrating seven years together and realizations over the years. ♥

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August Photo Dump

This month focuses on discovering new food places, creating new goals for myself and starting a new collection.

June Photo Dump

This month saw a lot of celebrations – from a graduation to birthdays to Father’s day and getting back into a childhood hobby!

May Photo Dump

Welcome to the May edition of photo dumps – bunches of lunches & finally getting back in the hiking grind!

Postcrossing Diaries

Postcrossing has easily become a new hobby and I wanted to share the first five postcards I received through this community.

April Photo Dump

Welcome to the April edition of photo dumps – a series wherein I dump photos that I took in the past month that never made it to any other social media account except this one.

March Photo Dump

Reviving an old blog series from an old blog – photo dump! This is where I dump photos from the month and tell their story. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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