• Hey, I said YES!

    If you couldn’t already guess from the post’s title – Chris and I are engaged! And this is our official engagement announcement on the blog. ♥

  • Garden Updates & tentree

    Recently in my life: supporting organizations that build trees when you make a purchase; a quick look into my sunflowers and snapdragons. Plus, guess where Chris and I are headed off to!?

  • Bunches of lunches

    Life recently: catching up with old coworkers, getting a new succulent straight outta Arizona from my friend, and just little side notes that I’m rather thankful for ♥

  • Arrangements, walks & etcetera

    A quick life update – finding a new hobby in arranging succulents, going on afternoon walks with Chris, trying out the new drink at Starbucks and getting hired at yet another psych facility.

  • Shots & Shar

    Another Sunday narration/life update – meeting another long-time friend from the interwebs and possibly a new business idea for the farmer’s market?

  • Sunday Narration

    Another quick update about what’s been going on – discovering nitrogen ice cream + adding new certifications under my name. Holla at ya girl.