• Välkommen to Little Sweden

    Before heading back home, my family decided to stop by Downtown Kingsburg. Known for its Swedish background, it was nice to explore a town that was made to look like the country itself.

  • Visiting the USS Midway Museum

    I recently watched Dunkirk! After watching the movie, it reminded me of a summer trip to San Diego’s USS Midway which I never got to share on the blog but finally got to do so now.

  • Muir Woods & Yosemite

    The last leg of our San Francisco trip – visiting Muir Woods and Yosemite National Park. Mother Earth is the most beautiful lady out there. I’m kinda bummed our trip came to an end – until the next adventure!

  • Hamilton, smoothies & sushi

    Happy 29th birthday to Chris! We started off his birthday with some healthy smoothies, sushi and then we went to see Hamilton: An American Musical!!

  • From LA to the Bay

    Chris and I recently made a trip to the Bay Area. This post details our entire first day up north – from ferry rides to exploring the golden state to some good food.

  • Sunny Days at Crystal Cove

    Before heading back, our crew did a little detour and decided to check out Crystal Cove, a semi-private beach located in the heart of the Newport Coast. Despite being hot, it was a wonderful view!