Last Stop: San Clemente Pier

On our way home, we stopped by San Clemente Pier from Oceanside. We had a quick lunch and strolled around for a bit before heading out.

An Oceanside Christmas

My family has an odd tradition of just traveling during Christmas. With family visiting from Canada, we decided to spend it in the beautiful and sunny city of Oceanside, California.

Sunsets at O’side

I tried to write one post for the entire time we stayed at Oceanside, but the sunsets in this city are too pretty that it deserved its own post!

First Stop: Palm Springs

The first part of our family trip involved going to Palm Springs! From Sunny Cycle to gourmet shakes – it was a blast!

Välkommen to Little Sweden

On our last day on the trip, we headed off to Downtown Kingsburg in search of souvenirs. Kingsburg is known as the Little Sweden of California, due to its Swedish roots dating back to the 1800s.

Visiting the USS Midway

Recently watched Dunkirk and it reminded me of the time my family visited the USS Midway in San Diego two years ago! How about another flashback/throwback post on the blog, yes?

Muir Woods & Yosemite

This is it!! The last leg of our trip from up north. We visited Muir Woods and ultimately Yosemite. Also, it’s already July – where did the time go?! This year feels like it’s just breezing by right in front of my very eyes.

Hamilton, smoothies & sushi

On our second day up north, our main plan of the day.night was to see Hamilton: An American Musical. I bought the tickets last December as a birthday present for Chris.

From LA to the Bay

A quick summary of the first few days of our trip up in San Francisco! I had such a blast spending time with fiancé!

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