December, already?!

How is it December already?! Raise your hands if you felt that November only lasted for a minute *raises hands and feet* This past month started off rather dull for me, but by the second week, it just went by too fast. Nonetheless, it was a rather eventful month for me – from hiking new trails to getting sick to having my uncle in town to finishing my Christmas shopping!

Hiking New Trails

In November, I slowly got back on my hiking game and did two new trails with Chris: Big Horn Mine & Eaton Canyon. I honestly enjoyed the first hike more because of the spectacular views at the end but the second one had a waterfall that was okay in my book.

Relatives in Town + Black Friday Shopping

My uncle visited from the Philippines for the last two weeks of November (which then resulted with my family from Northern California coming down for Thanksgiving). It was a last-minute trip for him but it was great having him around since I last saw him in 2014! His trip primarily consisted of golf, eating and shopping. He stayed with us for the majority of his trip so I was kicked out of room, and bunked it on the living room sofa. For Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving), we headed to the Camarillo Premium Outlets at 3 in the morning and shopped until noon (I had work that night so I was miserable at work). We dropped him off at the airport last night, and the house feels too quiet now.

What’s cooking this December?

We all know how hectic December can be – from multiple Christmas parties to getting that last item on the Christmas list to whatever tradition you have this upcoming season. Mine’s looking to be a really busy one.

On the 14th, it’ll be my last day at my current job. I put in my two-week notice at my job because Chris and I are finally moving in together. I didn’t want the added stress of packing + looking for a new place, so I decided to quit and enjoy my holidays.

My family from Canada will be in town!Β I last saw them in April, when we spent the weekend by the Newport Coast,Β explored Crystal Cove and went paddle boarding in Balboa Island. They’ll be in town beginning the 20th and staying for a whole two weeks. We already have several trips, so keep an eye out for that!

Chris and I also have our engagement dinner all planned.Β Yep, after the suggestion of several loved ones, Chris and I finally put together our engagement dinner for the 28th. It’s an intimate one with only our closest family invited, just so everyone gets to mingle. It’ll also serve as a little Christmas party for both of our families.

So tell me, how was your November? Do you have anything planned for this month?

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  • That photo with you and Chris is super cute aw :’) *raises hand* November flew by for me too~ I can’t believe we’re in December already like whahh. Sounds like you have a busy but exciting month ahead of you. Looking forward to hearing about your engagement dinner πŸ™‚

  • The first part of November lagged, but the latter half zoomed by for me! I can’t believe it’s already December. Yike!

    Woot for new trails ^^ Hiking is not my thing, but I would definitely choose that over a treadmill, especially when you can get the scenic view!

    That looks like a fun family gathering! Even better when it’s with relatives you haven’t seen in ages. Yay for shopping, but I am not sure about doing it at 3 in the morning! I give you kudos for shopping that long and at those hours!

    Good luck with the move and everything. I don’t blame you for not wanting to work and do the whole moving deal. That is definitely stressful. Enjoy seeing your Canadian relatives, and I look forward to your post about the engagement dinner ^^

  • OK, It wasn’t just me who thought November flew by faster than those F1 racers lol. Yasssss on you and Chris getting your hiking games in! It’s great that your fam bam got to have Thanksgiving together and did some lit Black Friday shopping! The picture of you and Chris is ADORABLE!

    Congrats to you and Chris moving in together!!! So happy to hear all of your plans coming together :). Hope you’ll have a wonderful December! Besides my vacation at the end of the month, I am just on work travel back to back for a couple of weeks @__@.

    Can’t wait to hear about the exciting things that’ll happen this month :D.

  • It’s exciting that you’ve found new trails, and that you live somewhere where they’re easily accessible. November went by way too fast for me too, I can’t believe it’s December already! Awe your engagement dinner is the day before my birthday πŸ™‚ You must be really looking forward to that, it will be a super festive time for you! YAY for moving in together, that’s so much fun.

  • So nice of you to lend your room to your visiting uncle, such a Filipino hospitality πŸ™‚ December is always hectic, great that you’ve planned everything out already. I still have to jot down mine as we also have a visiting family from Manila coming.

  • I am interested to see what your space will be like (cuz I’m a creeper). Such a massive milestone Eena! Also is it normal to have only 2 weeks notice for a job?

    Looking forward to seeing where you will go on the trips with your relatives!

    nat //

  • I was not ready for November to be over, but I also love December, so it’s not so bad, I guess?? Sounds like a busy month (on top of all the holiday festivities) for you and Chris! I don’t know if you read my reply to your comment on one of my blog posts, but if Roan and I make it up there in The Sierra again for Thanksgiving next year, I’ll hit you up! Hoping for a smoother transition for the both of you!

  • You both look adorable! It sounds like you had a lovely month. November flew by so fast for me. I managed to go to Copenhagen, Denmark with my friends, so that’s nice πŸ™‚ This month I need to finish my Christmas presents shopping (or more like start doing it, haha), study a lot and prepare for exams. Oh, I might go to Warsaw next week to visit my best friend πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful month ahead and a lovely engagement party πŸ™‚

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • I complete relate to your shock that it’s actually December! The coming month sounds so busy for you (I’m pretty similar too) but I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun. Can’t wait for Christmas!

    Heather xx

  • I still can’t believe that November has passed! You look so busy though! I love the pic of you guys with the Christmas tree. Those ornaments are bigger than your heads! I can’t wait to hear about your engagement dinner. Wish I could come!

  • Ahhh I so agree about November! Honestly, I’ve never had a month go by so quickly. And YAY about you guys moving in together! That’ll be such a fun few weeks getting everything moved in and decorating. Pretty much ALL of the standard holiday plans for this month! And as a teacher, so looking forward to a two week break. Woo hoo!
    Can’t wait to hear about your engagement dinner!

    Susie |

  • I felt the first two weeks of November but the last two just flew over me! I can’t really remember what happened during the latter except for my work, lol.

    You sound like you have a December all filled and packed with activities! Hoping everything goes smoothly in finding a new place. Can’t wait to hear all about it. (I’m nosy when it comes to apartment finding/moving in hehehe)

  • I’m grinning like an idiot over that photo of you and Chris. My heart has officially escaped my body and is out there somewhere melting. xD Congratulations on the decision of moving in together! I’m excited for updates on that (I actually love reading moving in posts, IDK why xD) It sounds like you have so many exciting things coming up this December – it is that time of year where there are too many Christmas parties XD

    Good luck with everything gal! Thinking of you <3

  • My November was enjoyable! I’m really looking forward to what December holds, though. I’ll be taking a few trips that will hopefully go really well. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you got to go on some beautiful hikes and had the chance to visit with family! Nothing beats a lovely, loud dinner with family on Thanksgiving. Especially if there’s great food, too. πŸ˜‰

  • I’m shocked how fast this year has gone by as well. I guess it’s just a part of being older. And, so far, it seems that December is flying by as well. Christmas is literally 2 weeks away.

  • I swear, November went by as fast as the Flash and I’m just sitting here like, “WhaaaA? I now have to spend money on presents for Christma *sob sob*” LOL.

    I’ve never been on a hike, mainly because my fitness levels are ridiculous but also procrastination. I’d love to go on one though because I am a sucker for a good view.

    Haha, I always get kicked out of my room when my family from the Philippines visit too! Good luck with your moving in – how exciting! My November was a hectic one with all the writing I was squishing in and other stuff – this month is actually pretty quiet in comparison, just rushing around Christmas shopping. Haa.

  • hope the moving would be smooth sailing <3 holiday is near! i can't believe it. and yay for the big family, eena! we used to gather a lot during holidays so i definitely can relate. and i hope the engagement dinner would be smooth too. enjoy your holiday! <3