La Petite Sourie

Before our drive home on Wednesday, Chris and I stopped by La Petite Sourie, a little hole-in-the-wall French cafe and bakery. The place is a hidden gem; they serve breakfast all day with all items under $10.

I got the chicken caprese panini while Chris got the ham & cheese panini; both came with chips. The chicken caprese I got was really good; although, they could’ve used a different kind of bread. The best part of the bakery were the macarons – they had so many to choose from.

They didn’t have the green tea macaron, which was what I was looking forward to. The lady was nice enough to let me try the earl grey tea macaron which was probably just as good. We bought the nutella, blackberry and coconut macarons. I wanted to get a dozen but they were a little too expensive for me. The coconut macaron tasted sooo good – probably a biased opinion because I love coconut.

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