Life does not succ

Get it? Succ as in succulent, ha!

My mom and dad came home last Monday with these two new babies from Costco! It apparently cost $13 for these giant tubs of succulents. The one on the right is so pretty.

As you all know, I started propagating my succulents last January. A good chunk of those leaves survived so I’ve started propagating two new batches of these succulents! I stopped by the Dollar Tree and bought two new baking pans to grow them on because the pans weren’t too deep which saved me from using all my potting soil.

I had a brilliant idea this past weekend – once my newly propagated succulents are able to be replanted, I’m thinking of making them into favors in shot glasses. I call it, “the succulent shot“. I did a practice arrangement and the photo doesn’t really do it justice – I promise, it looks better in person! I was talking to Chris and my mom about it and they said it’s a pretty neat idea and that I should consider selling them on the side or at our local weekly farmer’s market. Newly propagated succulents take about a year to really grow into their full size so placing them in a shot glass would be okay for the meantime.

All this free time has seriously given me a bad case of the green thumb.

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