My name is Eena (pronounced Ee-nuh). His name is Chris. I like him cause he keeps me sane and he likes me cause I keep him guessing. We’re getting married on September 22, 2019. Our love story is rather simple – we met through a friend back in 2011 – I was 19, he was 23; and everything else seems to be a blur. I’m kidding.

As it turned out, Chris lived in central California, making the drive between us two hours, one way. We could’ve easily said forget it and moved on, but for some reason, since the day we met, we spent every waking hour talking to each other.

We spent a good three months communicating via text messages, phone calls and Facebook messages until Chris made the decision to come down to hang out with me. My mom had free passes to the Huntington Library and Gardens which I asked for and snuck out to see him. I was so nervous that I ended up backing up into a yellow pole (sorry ma & pa). Towards the end of our date, Chris asked to hold my hand and when we got back in the car, asked me to his girlfriend. This was on September 24, 2011.

For his 29th birthday (June 15, 2017), I planned a trip for San Francisco so we could see Hamilton: An American Musical. We argued in the car because he came so dressed up and I was begging him to take off his suit’s coat. He kept saying no. I gave up arguing with him and we headed off to the theater.

Right before we entered the theater, we asked this random lady to take our photo in front of a banner. Chris spent some time explaining to the lady how to use my phone, or that’s what it seemed like. People started lining up and Chris was still talking to the lady, so I kept telling him “oh my god, just get here already. It’s just a photo.”

Chris finally came over and I remember looking at the lady to make sure she was ready to take our photo. When I looked back at Chris, he was down on one knee, with a ring that only my Pinterest board had ever dreamed of seeing.

Eena, will you marry me?

Of course it was a yes. It’s always been a yes.