January, Lately

This past week has gone by rather quickly. The days were filled with rain for the most part, which was desperately needed in this state. Not much has happened; here are a few snaps from this week!

Chris and I played a quick game of Monopoly: Millionaire last Saturday. It’s different than regular Monopoly because the game isn’t twice as long and the first player to have a million dollars wins – I lost, sadly.

When we went out to buy my brother’s cake from our to-go bakery, I looked up and saw this for the first time. I’ve been buying their cakes and pastries for quite some time now.

In a previous entry, I publicly admitted my undying love for succulents and cacti. After reading up articles on propagating succulents, I decided to give it a try. These babies are now resting on top of soil and I’m patiently waiting for their roots to come in.

I had a great lunch today at Bread and Barley. It’s a hole-in-the-wall type of gastropub; and while I didn’t order any alcohol, I did get their rueben sandwich with a side of sweet potato tots. I repeat, SWEET POTATO TOTS.

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