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Tokopah Falls in the Summer

My coworkers and I planned another hiking trip, albeit an easier one compared to our first hike. We hiked to Tokopah Falls and it was a beautiful sight in the summer!


The Wedding at Cabin Twenty-Four

Currently interrupting all my scheduled posts to announce that Chris and I tied the knot last Sunday on September 1st! Despite a few hiccups with the extreme heat, the stereo system failing right before my entrance and around ten people not showing, it was such a fun day!

From SB to Toruk
Exploring Old Town Sacramento
Newport Coast – Views & Poolside

Watchtower Trail to Heather Lake

A few Mondays ago, my coworkers and I planned a day hike to Heather Lake, an eight-mile out and back trail to one of the alpine lakes in the heart of Sequoia National Park.

Pontoon With the Platoon

For Fourth of July weekend, my family and I rented a pontoon and jetski, and explored the waters of Bass Lake. It was a very packed weekend on the lake that day.

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