Stuck in HK

What’s a successful trip without a little mishap? I spent more extra hours in Hong Kong than I had originally hoped for.

Reunited with Cebu

Last leg of my Philippines trip was spent in my dear hometown of Cebu City. ♥


Just a quick excerpt of how my 26th year was and looking forward to what being 27 brings.

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Manila, Philippines

Talking about my days in Manila during this trip – mostly reminiscing about the good food we ate left and right.


Celebrating seven years together and realizations over the years. ♥

From LAX to HKIA

All aboard! Last month, I visited the motherland. It was a safe flight with a quick stop made at Hong Kong!

SD for a Day

A quick family trip to San Diego to see Les Misérables and having a good dinner at Mitch’s Seafood with good company and a good view.

August Photo Dump

This month focuses on discovering new food places, creating new goals for myself and starting a new collection.

Eats with Nancy

Back in June and July, I was lucky enough to have met up with Nancy! We hit up two new places – Neighbor’s Tea House and The Pond.

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