Hi, I'm Eena

Cabin Twenty-Four is where I document my life’s adventures –
from travels, hikes & good food.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

Sunrise at Yosemite

Instead of throwing a crazy bachelorette party, my girls and I decided to drive up to the mountains to catch the sunrise at Yosemite and spend the night in the woods… in a cabin, of course!



When Chris and I picked a date for our wedding, I told my childhood best friend, Keisha, all about it. Keisha and I had been friends since 2000, back when we both lived in our hometown of Cebu City.


October is my birthday month, and this year I reach 28, which means I officially have two years left in my twenties!

Asian Eatscapades (IV)

Asian cuisine is, without a doubt, my favorite. It’s easily my go to/comfort food, except on the rare occasion that I want a taco. Recently, I visited two new Asian restaurants and wanted to share!

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