• Life Lately #2

    Another quick update of life this January – introducing my favorite cat, new plants, weird winters in California and meeting up with some of my favorite girls.

  • 1776, the Gastropub

    Since we didn’t know where to go for lunch, Chris & I went through Yelp suggestions and found this little lovely gastropub in the heart of Monrovia.

  • Cacti Island

    My love for succulents and cacti has grown tremendously that I dragged Chris with me to check out a cactus shop. We also got some good food that day.

  • Getting to know you

    My mom recently bought tickets to see The King and I on Broadway. The show was amazing and the food we had afterwards was pretty amazing as well.

  • January, Lately

    A quick update of what January’s been like so far! From visiting one of my favorite bakeries to trying out new hipster places to trying out a new hobby involving succulents!

  • Hear ye, hear ye

    First event of the new year! My family, Chris & myself were taken back in time to when knights ruled the land – which knight wins the hand of the lovely princess?