Toby, Oranges, Poke

Check-in number 2: talking about my cat’s recent vet visit; my mom’s newfound love for gardening and her orange trees; meeting up with good friends over a bowl of poke.

1776, the Gastropub

If you know Chris and myself, you would know that we love burgers. And finding new, “hole in the wall” type kinda burger places. We discovered a new burger place, or rather “all-American gastropub” in the heart of Old Town Monrovia – 1776.

Cacti Island

Chris and I decided to check out California Cactus Center in Pasadena, CA a few days ago! I read about the place through Yelp and after seeing some photos on Instagram.

instagram – @eenasaurus

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Getting to know you

Mom bought us tickets to see The King and I, which is officially the first musical I’ve seen for the year! The musical was really good and funny. The Pantages is always a beautiful location for musicals.

Life Lately

Just a quick check-in of how life’s been going lately. Just eating a lot and getting obsessed with my cacti and succulents too much.

Hear ye, hear ye

This past Christmas, I bought tickets to see Medieval Times for everyone in my direct family. It’s a live show that takes you back to the good ol’ medieval days and you get to root for your knight to win.

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