• Finding Neverland

    Last month, I received an email about Broadway tickets for Finding Neverland being on a sale. On a whim, I bought it for Chris and myself! Another musical to add to my list.

  • Shots & Shar

    Another Sunday narration/life update – meeting another long-time friend from the interwebs and possibly a new business idea for the farmer’s market?

  • Slapfish: A Lobster Tale

    I came across this restaurant on Yelp a few weeks ago. Chris and I finally got to try it out and we’re we in for a such a good treat! We’re huuuuge lobster fans.

  • Sunday Narration

    Another quick update about what’s been going on – discovering nitrogen ice cream + adding new certifications under my name. Holla at ya girl.

  • My Patch Affair

    Backpacks are my favorite. Patches are becoming my new obsessions. Guess what happens when I decide to combine two of my favorite things?

  • Life does not succ

    Whoops. Another post about my plants. I recently added some succulents to my collection. Due to a lack of exciting events, this is as exciting as it gets.