• Bunches of lunches

    Life recently: catching up with old coworkers, getting a new succulent straight outta Arizona from my friend, and just little side notes that I’m rather thankful for ♥

  • Arrangements, walks & etcetera

    A quick life update – finding a new hobby in arranging succulents, going on afternoon walks with Chris, trying out the new drink at Starbucks and getting hired at yet another psych facility.


    Starting a new series on the blog – Foodie Files! First up on the list, a sandwich place that incorporates eggs into all of their creations. Slutty eggs, much?

  • In the North

    After planning this trip for months, my family made a quick drive to visit loved ones up in Northern California. Despite the short trip, it was still rather eventful.

  • Highway to the Danger Zone

    While browsing through Groupon, I stumbled upon cheap tickets for an air museum. I bought the tickets and Chris & I finally got to explore it today – such a great learning experience.

  • Yurak 5k & Spring Fever

    April lately: running a 5k for my brother’s high school’s fundraiser to falling ill that I couldn’t start working at my new job because my immune system can be really weak at times.