• Searching for Pirate Tower

    Spent one night on Pinterest looking for free things to do in Southern California. Came across this tower and decided to check out with Chris. It was also a good excuse to head out to the beach!

  • Visiting the USS Midway Museum

    I recently watched Dunkirk! After watching the movie, it reminded me of a summer trip to San Diego’s USS Midway which I never got to share on the blog but finally got to do so now.

  • Afternoon Walks with My Mama

    Since I started working mornings at my job, I’ve been able to go on afternoon walks with my mom around the neighborhood. It’s fun and it’s good for my health too!

  • The Trail and others

    A quick update on what’s been going on in my life – from new obsession with an app on my phone to meeting some of my favorite bloggers in person.

  • Foodie Files: Tru Grits

    Another edition of Foodie Files. A rather late post as we visited this restaurant back in April but it’s still worth the try. Truffle fries must always be shared.