A Pirate’s Life for Me

I was looking through old files when I came across these photos from 2014 when Chris and I went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire! This seemed sooooo long ago – Chris and I decided to really get into the feel of the fair so we dressed up as pirates! I just bought my costume from the clearance rack at Party City while Chris decided to rent his.

Also, in that first photo I was only 22 and Chris was 25 (I’m 25 and he’s 28 now)! Wa wa waaa, baby Eena and baby Chris. I suddenly feel so old.

We tried on these really cool masks but put them down right away because a) they were expensive and b) they were very breakable.

I still dream about having these French beignets again. (Notice how I always have at least one photo of food in my posts? It’s becoming a thing here, everyone!!)

This fair is an annual event in Irwindale, California and they’ll be back this April through May, on the weekends only! Here’s their website if you live close and wanna check it out! I’m definitely thinking of going back this year!