Aaaaand, six years!

From September 24, 2011 to today, Chris and I have officially been together for six years (that’s 72 months, 313 weeks, 2190 days, 52560 hours, 3.154e+6 minutes and who knows how many seconds, just so you know, fyi) and engaged for three months & nine days! Words can’t describe how incredibly lucky I am to have someone like him in my life and that I am forever immensely grateful that our paths crossed when it did.

See that collage above? That’s one photo from each year since 2011. I don’t think our faces have changed much since then, except maybe gaining a few pounds… ha.

Thinking about it, in six years, that’s

  • forty-four movies seen in the theater – yes, I counted since I’ve saved all my movie ticket stubs
  • three national parks (Sequoia, Joshua Tree & Yosemite)
  • four plays/musicals (The Lion King, Finding Neverland, Hamilton, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time)
  • endless hipster restaurants visited
  • possibly waaaay too much money spent on food
  • ok I genuinely tried to make a bullet list but I couldn’t think of anything else

Aaaanyways look at us now, engaged, have our careers all set and ready for the future. Our relationship is full of ups and downs, but I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for not giving up on us, for standing by my side throughout nursing school, for staying up late when I get off work at midnight, for all my free lunches and movies, for dealing with my incessant need to try out all the hipster places, and simply, for everything. Six years down, forever to go.