Bonjour, aloha, hola! Welcome to Cabin Twenty-Four. Before anything else, thank you for stopping by this little corner of the world wide web. This blog is a personal blog, where I document my life’s adventures – from family life to Chris to hikes to food, you name it, I got it!

Now, “why the hell is your blog called Cabin Twenty-Four?“, you ask. I like the outdoors and cabins seem to do a good job of representing the outdoors. Twenty-four marks the day Chris and I got together! We met in the summer of 2011 and have been together since September of that very same year. We got engaged in June 2017, and we’re planning our wedding for September 2019.


My name is Eena, a twenty-something nurse passionate about traveling, food, history and nature. I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, musicals, museums, national parks, cacti & succulents. I’m a proud Slytherin & Boston Celtic fan. I’ve been on & off the blogging world since I was 12 so I’m glad this blog is surviving.

Chris is this handsome fella who appears in most of the posts I write and possibly in every picture I take. He’s actually very photogenic. He’s the yin to my yang; the Fred to my Daphne – the list goes on. Just like myself, he enjoys traveling, food, nature and history. We’re definitely two peas in a pod, if you ask me.

Since its early beginnings in February 2016, all content present on the blog is created, and therefore owned, by Cabin Twenty-Four unless noted otherwise. Pictures are taken with either an iPhone 7 or Canon T6 (with a 24mm or 50mm lens). This blog was created solely to document and share bits and pieces of my life that I choose to share. In short, this blog is for fun so don’t be a party pooper!