Welcome to Cabin Twenty-Four!

My name is Eena, a twenty-something psych nurse with a passion for adventure. I’m a foodie, adventure seeker, hiking & outdoor enthusiast, musical theater attendee, postcard collector, sports fanatic and true crime binge-watcher. Chris is my amazing significant other since 2011, engaged in 2017.

This blog was created in February of 2016 for the purpose of documenting and sharing my life’s adventures – mostly travels, hikes, good food, spending time with family and Chris (my fiancé). The blog is called so because I love the outdoors and twenty-four marks the day Chris and I got together.

For any inquiries/collaborations/you simply want to say hi, feel free to reach us at chrisandeena@gmail.com. This is a PR friendly blog!

Disclaimer: Everything found on this blog is considered my property unless otherwise mentioned. I blog as a hobby/for fun, so any hate or negativity will be banned from the site.

Camera: Canon EOS M50 with the 15-45mm lens kit & my trusty iPhone XS.