Hey there! My name is Eena. I’m a twenty-something Filipina, residing in California documenting about my life’s adventures on this little blog. I talk a lot but never seem to find the right words when it comes to proper introductions so here are some interesting details – I’m a nurse and practice in skilled nursing + mental health; I enjoy hiking and just being outdoors in general; foodie for life but my body doesn’t agree with that lifestyle; I enjoy musicals a lot; I take my sports seriously (Boston Celtics + Philadelphia Eagles, for life!); proud to be Slytherin.



Why is the blog called Cabin Twenty-Four? I enjoy being outdoors and cabins generally do such a great job of representing that outdoor life. Twenty-four marks the day Chris and I got together back in September 2011. Speaking of Chris, he’s my fiancĂ© and 1/2 of the URL name. We spend too much time together (obviously) so if I’m not writing about my adventures with my family, I’m usually writing about our adventures.


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