Hi, I’m Eena

I’m a twenty-something adventure-seeking soul currently residing in the golden state of California. I’m a psychiatric nurse with a passion for traveling, hiking, food, cats and plants. I enjoy exploring whenever and wherever I can.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.


About The Blog
Welcome to Cabin Twenty-Four. Cabin Twenty-Four is your everyday personal/travel/food blog about my life’s adventures.

But why Cabin Twenty-Four? I like the outdoors and cabins seem to do a good job of representing the outdoors. Twenty-four marks the day Chris and I got together! 

Every photo on this blog is mine, unless otherwise stated. I credit all my photos to my trusty iPhone 11 Pro & Canon EOS M50. I use Lightroom and VSCO Cam for my photos.

Please be nice and don’t steal my content, thanks, bye.