Asian Eatscapades No.2

Did someone say Asian food?! A few weeks ago, Chris and I drove down to San Gabriel, CA to meet up with family. This weekend consisted of spending the night at the Sheraton Hotel, playing some badminton and eating food – lots of good food. After browsing through my photos and realizing that I only had pictures of my meals (if I never took a photo, did I even eat it?), I decided to serve you up another edition of – Asian Eatscapades, San Gabriel-style!

Asian Eatscapades is a spin-off series of the blog’s Foodie Files. Asian food is my comfort food (people designate ice cream as their comfort food, I chose Asian food, don’t judge), hence it receiving its own name and fame.

Gen Korean BBQ

Gen Korean BBQ has several locations, mostly in Los Angeles. After a game of basketball in the park, the group moved on to this location to feast. I’ve been to this restaurant twice and I always live by the following meats – bulgogi, brisket and spicy pork belly. If you’re going to have Korean BBQ, those better be the meats you order from your server.

After eating, we discovered that the restaurant also sold some ice cream sandwiches and we decided to try some out! I got mine in green tea because green tea ice cream is the best.

Azabu Sabo

Right after eating at Gen Korean BBQ, we headed straight to Los Angeles Badminton Club for some badminton. We stayed there for a good two and a half hours before calling it quits. Upon retreating back to the hotel and after resting, my dad suggested going for some noodles at around 9PM. We looked for open restaurants around the area and we initially came across Jazz Cat Restaurant. Unfortunately, their servers were down so we were told that service would be slower than usual.

We opted out and walked around the street for a bit. We came across Azabu Sabo and since they weren’t closing until midnight, we decided to eat here. Azabu Sabo is a lot like YAYOI, where you order through an iPad and they offered some bento meals. I got the pork cutlet and some shrimp tempura. Happy tummy = happy me.

Sheraton Hotel

Nope, not a food place but I just wanted to show this hotel some appreciation. Tucked away in the busy streets of San Gabriel, CA is this really nice hotel. Their lobby had robots that could give you directions AND even take your luggage up to your room for you! And they had a Club Lounge on the sixth floor that served a private breakfast for hotel guests – their jam and hot sauce came in the cutest little on-the-go packaging (and yes, I grabbed a few to take home).

And that concludes this edition of Asian Eatscapades. Feeling like grabbing some Asian food right now? Then I’ve done my job! Until the next entry!

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