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Asian Eatscapades (III)

Wow, it’s been a long while since this blog has seen a Foodie Files x Asian Eatscapades post! Let’s change that today! While visiting family in Los Angeles, I unintentionally ate sushi for the entire time I was there. Sushi in the Central Valley just isn’t as good as it is down south so I definitely enjoyed all that sushi, but kinda sorta feeling sushi’d out.

Sushi Kuu

Chris and I actually ate at Sushi Kuu for a post-Valentine’s day celebration. I had worked five days (sixty hours within that time period) during that week so we decided to celebrate both the beginning of my days off and Valentine’s together! We actually had to wait around twenty minutes for a table at this place but it was definitely worth it. We ordered appetizers – fried calamari and popcorn shrimp. Chris got the Heat roll while I opted for the Dragon roll. Their eel was very fresh!


On my first day in LA, I met up with a fellow blogger and one of my favorites, Nancy. We met up in Pasadena and tried out one of her favorite sushi places, Sugarfish. They do the Nozawa-style sushi and we both ordered the Nozawa Trust Me – a little pricey at $37 but is was soooo worth. After lunch, we strolled a little bit down Fair Oaks and ended up grabbing a sweet treat at Cauldron Ice Cream.

Sushi Kuni

My family and I actually grabbed sushi for dinner as well. We visited one of our favorite sushi spots in the area, Sushi Kuni, and did the all-you-can-eat. In my opinion, they serve the best shrimp tempura and albacore sushi. Their Baked Baby Lobster is a regular favorite as well – although, this time, it seemed a little too bland for my liking.

Oke Poke

Lastly, whenever I’m in LA, I try to stop by poke joints. Poke is more Hawaiian than it really is sushi but it’s raw fish so I figured I’d add it into this mix! Oke Poke is one of my favorites, it’s priced right and they offer free avocado – who says no to free avocado?! I’ve also gotten really obsessed with adding furikake onto my poke bowls – yum.