Birthday Boy

On Wednesday, June 15th, my lovely boyfriend turned 28! We celebrated his birthday by heading to the mountains and to the quaint little city of Big Bear Lake for a couple of days. We arrived at Big Bear Lake around four in the afternoon, checked in to Robhinhood Resort and decided to get some rest.

Around six, we left the resort and went to grab food at the Nottingham Taverns. The best part of it? The extra 10% off from the resort/hotel. Their food was pretty good and they served their burgers on a cheddar jalapeño bun – really tasty!! I’m a jalapeño enthusiast so when I saw that on the menu, it really blew my mind away.

We didn’t do much afterwards, just looked around the area to see what was going on. We headed back to our room quite early and knocked out before it was nine. Grandpa and grandma status much?

Happy birthday to my favorite silly boy! 28 looks great on you! ♥