Bravo Farms Lunch Date

Last March, Chris and I decided to ~spice things up and we headed off to Bravo Farms for a Friday lunch date! Bravo Farms is located in Traver, California (off the 99 freeway) and boasts of good barbecue and homemade cheeses, as well as their famous seven-story treehouse. We arrived a little after noon, and were surprised that the place was somewhat of a ghost town.

We soon found out that the place was doing some little renovations, which probably explained the lack of visitors. We headed straight for the food and we both got the BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich and sides of the cheese curds and sweet potato fries.

When we started stuffing our faces with our food, more people actually started arriving – mostly parents with their little ones or grandparents taking the youngins out for a Friday treat. After we ate, we explored a bit of the place. Unfortunately, due to the construction, a lot of the places were closed off. I had visited Bravo Farms back in 2014 during a family trip and was bummed that they took off their little Coca-Cola exhibit.

After going around the place once, we headed back inside to check out their novelty and cheese shop. I recently signed up for Postcrossing and I purchased a few postcards to send for that side project. We were tempted to buy some cheese but Chris said, and I quote, “I’d feel bad about having to eat it.” So we ended up just amusing ourselves with the different kinds of cheese they had for sale (garlic pepper jack, anyone?).

We went home shortly afterwards. It was a quick trip but nonetheless, it was a fun lunch date! So tell me, do you have any lunch dates planned soon?

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Bravo Farms

36005 HWY 99
Traver, CA
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