Bunches of lunches

Last Friday, I met up with several of my coworkers from my previous job to catch up. I had lunch with Ana, Eva & Ann. The lunch went rather quickly since we all had other plans that day; I had to be at work. The food at Kickback Jack’s was good but the portions were HUGE. I got the Maui Fish Tacos but had the rice and beans taken off the plate (“healthier” way to eat a taco… sort of).

I also met up with Jennifer. She recently came back from her trip to Mexico and she bought me a cactus from Arizona to add to my collection! Isn’t it the cutest little cactus?! Funny story, this past Valentine’s Day, Chris actually got me a succulent instead of roses or sunflowers… it’s almost like everyone knows that succulents are the way to my heart?

ALSO. My second batch of propagated succulents are thriving so well, especially since I haven’t really been watering them when I should. Plants, they’re amazing, aren’t they?

Mondays are usually spent with Chris but since we’re going on a trip this weekend, we spent this Monday apart. So, my younger brother and I went out for lunch after running some errands. We (obviously) opted for some Fins or Tails Poke Bar. I got their house POG (passionfruit / orange / guava) juice to treat myself for keeping up with exercise and eating better the past few days. Treat yo’self you know?

Side notes:
1. I just got back from getting my eyebrows threaded and I feel like a new woman!
2. Tonight is my last shift at work before I go on vacation.
3. My family from Canada will be in town tomorrow night.
4. I get to spend the weekend with my favorite people (Chris + family) by the beach.

Life is great, y’all. Have a good weekend, my lovely readers.

  • guacamole! i like guacamole. my boyfriend tends to complain because while i like guacamole, i hate avocado (and he's like, a massive avocado fan or something)

    the cactus is really cute by the way. like, really really cute and smol >w<

    i've been thinking about getting my eyebrows threaded but i don't know if i'm brave enough for that or not :))

  • I was really suprised to read that Kickback Jack's was good BUT had huge portions 😂 I mean, i'm honestly up for that unless, of course, healthy eating. I think that Chris getting you succulents instead of the traditional flowers is really romantic 🙂 because it's what you like.

  • Aww, that's so nice that you caught up with your previous co-workers. I've been wanting to do the same but we can't find an appropriate time in our schedules.
    I love getting my eyebrows threaded! I have to go once a month because it hurts like a b**** when I don't go after a long time.
    Enjoy your vacay! Looking forward to your beach trip post! <3

  • Oh, those tacos are massive! XD
    But they do look really yummy. And succulents are so adorable, I still haven't made any attempt into finding an airplant. Nor do I really understand them but it's on my list.

    Poke places look interesting, I haven't tried it yet, but there are a few in my city.

    Trips are so exciting! I can't wait to plan my next trip with Matt! I look forward to reading about your trip and I know you guys are going to have a lot of fun. 😀

  • These might be the biggest tacos I've ever seen, this post really made me crave Mexican food! And let's not even talk about guacamole, I could eat that every day. The little cactus is so cute, my friends got me one for my birthday as well, finally a plant that will survive haha. xx


  • The Maui fish tacos look delicious! I would probably do the same and skip the rice and beans XD. The cactus looks so cute! Chris definitely knows the right way to your heart ;). It's so cool to see the propagated succulents doing well! Hope to see continued growth!

    I should check out Fins or Tails' juice one of these days! Hope you'll have a great weekend :).

  • Yum, the tacos look delicious! Also the Fins or Tails place looks decent too, though I'm not sure what poke is :/ but I would be willing to try it out. Eyebrow threading sounds pretty adventurous, especially since I've stopped plucking my eyebrows as soon as the "bushy" look was in haha! I hope you have an awesome time on your vacation 🙂

  • I kinda winced when you asked the rice to be removed. I just always say yes to rice, but eating healthy. I get it. lol. Those fish tacos look so good tho!! I wonder where I can get some in those portions here.

    xo, Richel V.

  • Those tacos look delicious. I want to try them for myself. Well, I never liked beans anyway, and I never thought that rice can go along with tacos. Haha. Anyway, I like your plants. It's also good that you are eating healthy. I hope I can have the motivation for that too.

    Also, it's coincidental that I got my eyebrows threaded recently as well. I got to agree that it makes us feel like a new woman. Haha! Eyebrow threading is painful for me, but the result is definitely worth it. 🙂


  • Aw man, I could really go for a taco now, haha!

    The cactus you got is really adorable! I love that Chris gets you succulents instead of flowers! I might tell Dan to steal that idea! Succulents can be forever taken care of, whereas flowers will just wilt and die! Also, I am jealous that your propagation is going so well. My little succulent leaves grew out really strangely (leggy) because I hardly get any sunlight during the winter/spring in Connecticut :'(

    Enjoy your vacation! I'm excited to see where you're going!

    Simply Lovebirds

  • It's really cool that you met up with your former coworkers. Wow, the portions of food were enormous!

    Aww, that was lovely of Jennifer to get you another cactus. It looks really cool. 😀 When people buy you the things you really want/like, that is brilliant.

    Oh man. The baby succulents look so adorable. I have only seen them when they are bigger. :')

    Have a great vacation! 😀

  • those nachos tho <3 <3 I've been craving for one for almost three weeks, good thing it was already satisfied. Haha! I've always wanted to have my own succulent. The cactus looks really cute!! :>


  • I've never had my eyebrows threaded but I definitely need to get mine done. I am trying to grow out my eyebrows to hopefully get them done at a salon… and this process sucks because I feel so hideous with these eyebrows right now LOL Hope you enjoy your vacation!

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