Cacti Island

Chris and I decided to check out California Cactus Center in Pasadena, CA a few days ago! I read about the place through Yelp and after seeing some photos on Instagram, I was determined to check it out. Lucky for me, Chris was interested in going as well.

The place was a bit small but it was overflowing with abundance of succulents and cacti!

Seriously though, those cacti are huge and so beautiful. Fun fact: when we were looking around, there were a few plants marked sold to a man named, Mister P. After we noticed the tenth pot that was sold to him, we went around the place trying to find more of Mister P’s plants. WHO ARE YOU MISTER P?!

Before we went to the cactus center, we had lunch at Islands Restaurant: Burgers & Beer. The restaurant is casual dining, and specializes in burgers and drinks with a tropical theme. Chris and I both got the Kilauea burger – it was a jalapeΓ±o & black pepper crusted burger with pepper jack cheese (I got havarti in mine!), chipotle aioli, lettuce and Island Reds (they’re signature fried red onions). This burger is what I imagine heaven to taste like; it was so darn good! The chipotle aioli was really satisfying as well.

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