Life Lately

Just a quick check-in of how life’s been going lately. Just eating a lot and getting obsessed with my cacti and succulents too much.

Of Presents & Projects

Chris and I never really spend Christmas together so we either open presents together before or after the day of. I’m also sharing about a little project I started working on.

Succs to succ(ulent)

I’ve always wanted succulents. Now that I have more free time, finally went out and bought some along with some flowers! I’m so excited to start my little collection of succulents.

Quarter Year

Recently turned 25 and could not be more excited for all the wonderful things that I know are coming my way! I’m ready for ya, quarter year.

Bonjour, et bienvenue!

Welcome to the birth of Cabin Twenty-Four! A personal blog documenting my life’s adventures – from hiking to traveling to eating!

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