Celebrating Six Years

In the previous entry, I talked about how Chris and I finally reached the six-year mark in our relationship! We celebrated by having lunch at Duke’s Huntington Beach, stopping by Roasting Water and enjoying a stroll through Roger’s Gardens.

Duke’s Huntington Beach

Chris and I initially made reservations to have brunch at Duke’s. Instead, we found a table at their Barefoot Bar and ordered from their lunch menu. Chris got the mango BBQ burger, while I got the poke tacos! We ordered a side of sweet potato fries – and holy crap, they were probably the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had in my life!

After lunch, we strolled a bit through Huntington Beach Pier, then Chris had this awesome idea of stopping by Roasting Water! I thought of it, but Chris beat me to the punchline ~ great minds think alike, yes?

Roasting Water

We stopped by Roasting Water in Huntington Beach! Our third time at this franchise, and a new location! Whenever Chris and I go, we always try to explore their menu. I got the tropical storm (mango + coconut + pineapple + pom poms + basil seeds) and Chris opted for the sunburst (strawberry + passionfruit). As always, everything tasted really good. I’m actually craving for some now…

Roger’s Gardens

After stopping by Roasting Water, we headed to Roger’s Gardens in Newport. They recently opened up their Halloween shop and got ready for fall, so that was really exciting! Their Halloween shop had the coolest decor plus it was nice to see pumpkins all over the place. I nearly bought a new plant but thankfully Chris talked me out of it!

I initially planned for us to go to Catalina Island for the day, but as our anniversary got closer, I got swamped with work so planning something big was eventually out of the picture. Regardless, I had a great time with Chris (as always) even if we didn’t do something big or crazy this time. At the end of the day, it’s who you’re spending the day with that matters right? Happy Saturday, my friends!

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