Eats with Nancy

Back in June and July, I was lucky enough to have met up with Nancy! We hit up two new places – Neighbor’s Tea House and The Pond.

Neighbor’s Tea House

We had originally planned to have dinner together; however, my parents decided to have dinner at the last minute so Nancy improvised and we ended up at this little teahouse in Rosemead. I got their taro milk tea (my go-to drink everywhere, anywhere) and their grilled cheese sandwich. Their products were priced well and they offered a little Instagram wall for your drinks. Downside – the parking lot was very small and they only accepted cash. After catching up, Nancy and I made a quick stop to Daiso where she convinced me to buy every page flag we walked past by!

The Pond

Soooo, I was stoked for this place. My brothers had been to this little ice cream shop a while back and I wanted desperately to try out their charcoal cone (yes, I’m that kind of person). Their ice cream wasn’t too bad but my gut suffered for the next few days – made for an interesting story, I suppose. Like the tea house, they also offered a wall for Instagram photos.

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