Explorin’ Joshua Tree

After years of falling in love with the National Park system, I caved in and bought an annual pass! This means that for $80/year, I get to step inside the country’s most magical places. First line of business – Joshua Tree National Park.

Chris and I planned a day trip to the park. We left close to nine in the morning, and drove two hours to get to Twentynine Palms, CA. When we were 11 miles away from the park, we got really hungry and found John’s Place along the road, which is a local diner. I was initially hesitant to dine at said establishment because it seemed empty, but when we walked in, the place was packed and the prices were great! We paid $23.33 for a ruben sandwich, egg & ham omelet with hash browns, and two half orders of fries and fried zucchinis. So much for healthy eating, I know I know.

From there, we went straight to the park! Since we went on a Monday, I was hoping it would be empty but it took ten minutes just to get to the park’s entrance.

The park’s name is dedicated to (obviously) the abundant Joshua trees (or yucca brevifolia) in the area. I did read up that these trees are actually found on one side of the park. The park’s official website is right here if you want more information on it 🙂

The park’s west entrance is where most of these HUGE rocks are situated. And look at Chris being a spider-monkey and jumping over all these rocks. I’m short so I stay in safe places because a) my legs are incapable of free climbing and 2) I am a wimp, ha!

I obviously had to include plant photos because I love plants and the desert had a cool variety of them.

This last photo is my new masterpiece. My “take a hipster photo of me taking you on an adventure photo” because hey now with this new annual pass, I’m definitely going on more adventures! Stay tuned as Chris and Eena take on national parks!