Exploring Balboa

On our second day staying at Newport Coast, we drove over to Balboa Peninsula where we went stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). We rented the boards from Paddle Board Newport Beach through their Groupon offer. Since the parentals didn’t want to go, all the hip & younger generation (haha!) went.

I’ve always wanted to do SUP so it’s nice to cross that off my bucket list! Huge shoutout to my waterproof case that I mentioned in the previous post. Balboa Peninsula is a small inlet that connects to the Pacific Ocean; however, we were only allowed to do SUP within it and not venture out to the ocean – to be honest, I wouldn’t want to do that. We all fell once, except Angie. Krystle tried to topple her over her board but it didn’t work out. It was pretty cool because as we paddled through the peninsula, there were sea lions swimming right next to us!

After our two hour rental, we rode the ferry to Balboa Island where we had lunch at Ciao!, a local Italian restaurant and explore the place for a bit before heading back.

We came across this frozen banana stand – if you watch Arrested Development, you are well-aware of the Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand, which is pretty much a copy of this. Oddly enough, nobody tried the frozen banana – we got the frozen cheesecake, the original bar and Chris & I shared an ice cream because he’s allergic to bananas and the toppings were pretty much contaminated with bananas.