Exploring Old Town Sacramento

During the second week of December, my best friend, Abby, and I decided to make a day trip to Sacramento. While we were there, we explored a little bit of Old Town Sacramento.

Our first stop was at Evangeline’s Costume Shop – an extravagant three-story shop filled with all kinds of costumes. From the Middle Ages to Western to Disney – in your pick of either modest or sexy. We checked out every inch of the store and Abby walked out with some new prints to decorate her house with.

Afterwards, we grabbed a quick lunch at Railroad Fish and Chips. We both got clam chowders and some breaded fish, and we ate by the sidewalk while taking in all the sights. We made a quick stop at Stage Nine Entertainment Store since Abby was in search of some records to add to her collection (sadly, they didn’t have it).

We grabbed more food at Danny’s Mini Donuts and fell in love – $6 for 16 mini donuts?! WHY NOT?! After we enjoyed our donuts, we bought some taffy from Munchies Saltwater Taffy. I’ve visited this taffy store a few years back and what I loved about it was their twist to taffy – imagine eating buttered popcorn and mango chili taffy?! The butter popcorn was a no for me but the mango chili was amazing.

I’m bummed our trip only lasted for the day but there’s always room for more adventures in the future!



  1. February 8, 2019 / 12:36 PM

    Oh wow! This looks like such a fun trip. I’ve never been to Sacramento, or anywhere on the west coast actually! I definitely need to make a trip soon. I have so many amazing places to go visit. I think my favorite part of your trip would be those donuts. They definitely look bomb!

    💗 Alexx | Aesthetics by Alexx

  2. February 8, 2019 / 2:56 PM

    Wow, this looks like such a fun place to explore – I imagine it would feel like stepping back in time! And I’m getting hungry just reading about all that food, yum… $6 for 16 donuts is definitely amazing value!

  3. February 8, 2019 / 9:21 PM

    you’re trip seemed really fun! I’d love to go exploring like that. My best friend moved to California, so I rarely see her. But we are planning a cruise soon. Also, $6 for 16 donuts is a STEAL. They looked delicious too!

  4. February 8, 2019 / 9:55 PM

    Yasssss it is cool to see old town Sacramento! I’ve dropped by it once but never really got to explore. They don’t mess around with calling it old town!! It makes old town Pasadena seem… a bit more modern, hehe. This definitely gave me some midwest vibes. OOOH YOUR FOOD LOOKS DELISH!! Glad you enjoyed your time with Abby!! Shoot, those donuts are such a good deal. You make me want to go up and buy the popcorn, hehehe~~~~

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  5. February 9, 2019 / 1:37 PM

    Lovely post! Really vivid. Would love to visit Sacramento as I adore old towns!

  6. February 10, 2019 / 7:48 AM

    What a lovely day out and a lovely town you got to visit! I know it is a place I would love to visit if I ever get the chance to visit the US!

    Thanks for sharing and showing a new place to visit!

    Aimsy xoxo

  7. February 10, 2019 / 8:34 AM

    Sounds like you had a great trip, those doughnuts look really yummy!

  8. February 10, 2019 / 9:45 AM

    This place looks beautiful! And those donuts have me drooling!!!! Really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing!

  9. February 10, 2019 / 9:52 AM

    This is such a cute trip, Eena! Wow, those doughnuts look AMAZING! I love the colourful sprinkles too! I’m glad you both had a lovely time, I can’t wait to read more of your adventures <3 xx

  10. February 10, 2019 / 10:57 AM

    Old town Sacramento is so cool. It looks like a lot of fun. I love when the town stores have a wooden sidewalk in front of the shop.

    I would like to try the clam chowder soup. I am a big fan of soups and the clam chowder looks so appetizing to me.

  11. February 10, 2019 / 11:25 AM

    Wow, Old Town Sacramento looks really cool! Like a place out of a film! Those mini donuts looks so yum. $6 for 16! What a great deal! Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. February 10, 2019 / 12:03 PM

    THOSE DONUTS!! Oh man I’d devour them and at $6 for 16?? I’d go all out hahaha. Looks like you guys had a lovely time, I’ve never tried taffy but I’m visiting America for the first time this year so I hope to try some then!
    Alice Xx

  13. February 10, 2019 / 12:12 PM

    Ooh it looks like you guys had so much fun on this little trip! Those donuts look absolute amazing and sound like a bargain!

    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

  14. February 10, 2019 / 12:12 PM

    I so want doughnuts now!! The old town looks gorgeous! I’ll have to add it to my go to list 😍x

  15. February 10, 2019 / 12:16 PM

    Oooh this is giving me serious wanderlust! Old town sacramento looks so lovely! so many nice places to see! and the food! I always go for the food!

  16. February 10, 2019 / 12:21 PM

    Sounds like you guys had a great experience and I love the photos too! Old town sacramento looks so quaint and interesting, seems like a place with some real history+ a fun spot to explore. Here’s to many more adventures, thanks for sharing this one with us!

  17. February 10, 2019 / 12:53 PM

    This looks amazing and the food you picked up looks delicious. I’ve never been to California but I’ve heard so much about Sacramento so it’s cool to actually see it! It looks so classically American, I’m glad you had a great time

    Bronia | http://www.broniajane.co.uk

  18. February 10, 2019 / 1:23 PM

    Ok, I officially want to go to Sacramento now! Those doughnuts look amazing! It looks like you had such a nice time there.

  19. February 10, 2019 / 1:43 PM

    What a lovely post. My husband and I are planning some travelling in the near future and now we have an extra place we’ll have to venture to! Those donuts look scrumptious!! Thanks for sharing x

  20. February 10, 2019 / 2:41 PM

    Ahh this trip looks so cool! Not somewhere I’d ever really considered but will definitely go and do a bit more research now!
    Thanks for sharing! Lorna x

  21. February 10, 2019 / 6:03 PM

    How fun is this trip, looks like really an old town. I want to visit this area the next time I will go to Ca.


  22. February 10, 2019 / 6:18 PM

    This looks amazing! I know you said ‘old town’ but I’m loving the old town vibes here. Sacramento looks gorgeous, thanks for sharing your visit. It’s a shame you couldn’t stay longer! All of your photos look incredible too. And those donuts look great, especially for such a bargain price! x


  23. February 10, 2019 / 10:06 PM

    Omg those doughnuts! 😍😍

    Also Sacramento seems much older than I thought it was! Seems like you had a great time 😊

  24. Melissa Kacar
    February 10, 2019 / 10:49 PM

    It sounds like you had an amazing time! This is making me miss California! I hope to get to Sacramento one day, it looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  25. February 10, 2019 / 11:14 PM

    Wow, this looks so amazing! We are planning a trip to America next year with my daughter and we have been looking at places to head to. I’m thinking I need to go to Sacramento, that chowder looks so yum!

  26. February 11, 2019 / 12:36 AM

    I absolutely love day trips! It’s surprising what just a day’s vacation can do. Especially when delicious-looking donuts are involved. I love the concept of the costume shop! I want to visit somewhere like that. I enjoy eccentric shops, and when my mom and I travel we often go to little eccentric shops like that and look for things we can bring home that we wouldn’t usually be able to buy. When we went to Connecticut to visit family, we took two day trips to Salem, MA, and New York City. Both times we tried to find as many eccentric shops as we could!

  27. February 11, 2019 / 4:02 AM

    Looks like you had an amazing time! I love seeing people’s travel related posts as it shows me that there are so many places I want to visit!

    Also those doughnuts look bloody fabulous!

    Ashleigh x


  28. February 11, 2019 / 5:03 AM

    Those donuts look delicious. You have shared some lovely photographs. Looks like you had a great trip! Thank you for sharing xx

  29. February 11, 2019 / 7:02 PM

    Looks like so much fun! Old Town Sacramento will have to go on my list of places to visit! … and those donuts look AMAZING!

  30. February 11, 2019 / 9:09 PM

    Love the look of the town! It actually reminds me of the old towns we have here in Australia. I’ve never thought about going to Sacramento before but I want to visit there one day now! Thanks for sharing.

    SHANNON VALLE life + style blog

  31. February 12, 2019 / 12:51 AM

    Hi Eena,

    Looks like a fun trip! Evangeline’s seems like an interesting shop with a lot of character and the donuts look delish! I’m going to CA next week–first time in a long time, can’t wait! Your blog is fantastic. Looking forward to reading your next post!

    Trace x | https://thefashioncollector.com

  32. February 12, 2019 / 10:16 AM

    Those fish and chips look divine! Yum!

  33. February 13, 2019 / 3:34 AM

    I can’t not say Sacramento in an American accent! It looks so cute there, I love the porches. Also $6 doughnuts.. amazing haha. Looks like you had a lovely day

    Jenny | localleo.co.uk

  34. February 14, 2019 / 2:28 AM

    What a cute lil trip! I would love to visit Sacramento, one day. $6 for 16 doughnuts?! That is a crazy bargain. Loving your photos <3 This makes me want to visit more of England, as well, I forget there are loads of places right on my doorstep!

  35. February 15, 2019 / 12:00 AM

    Oh my goodness I want those donuts now! They’re so cute and tiny! This place looks incredible – I love the vintage run-down style and the buildings all look fascinating too.

    Heather xoxo

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