Farmer’s Market Finds

Living in the central valley automatically means that the city I live in is surrounded by several local spots and convenient farmer’s market events. As someone who preaches the importance of supporting local, I was able to show my support for some local businesses while stopping by their booths recently!

Saturday Farmers Market

My city hosts a weekly farmer’s market which I almost never get to attend due to having to work weekends sometimes. A few weeks ago, I finally had the weekend off and definitely made my way to the market!

  • Quesadilla Gorilla – I absolutely love this place and their cilantro cream sauce! Chris and I shared an order of their chili verde breakfast quesadilla and it was amazing. I discovered this place when they were at my work’s parking lot last summer and have been obsessed since.
  • Mr. Lumpia – Lumpia is the Filipino version of the Vietnamese egg roll. Having previously lived in a more Filipino-friendly neighborhood (and obviously growing up in the Philippines), I do miss being able to eat lumpia whenever I want to. Since there aren’t many Filipino restaurants by me, I was thrilled when they were at the market! They’re good lumpias but not the best…
  • Good Boy Boba – I love a good boba! They have experimental flavors and I opted for the taro & ube milk tea and it did not disappoint. Their drink lids don’t really seem appropriate since they don’t put whipped cream – just a thought.
Some Random Market Across Work

A few months ago, I accepted the co-chair position for my hospital’s safety committee. After one of the monthly meetings, I saw a farmer’s market across work and decided to walk over since this was around noon and it did not disappoint!

  • Vali Coffee Co – I tried their iced hazelnut latte and was blown away. I’m more of a tea person but will divulge in lattes sometimes and this definitely did not disappoint!
  • Kerrib Flava – Not everyone knows this but I love chicken curry and it ranks high in my list of favorite foods. While strolling, I came across this Jamaican food truck and was curious to try chicken curry but cooked with Jamaican flavors and spices. It was good and the plantain bananas added a nice touch to it.

Until the next food adventure!