First Time at JT

How about a #flashbackfriday post? I was going through my external hard drive looking for some songs I used to listen to back in the day (remember when indie music was what cool kids listened to?), I came across photos from the first time my family and I visited Joshua Tree National Park back in 2014.

We were in town then to see the BNP Paribas Open – an annual tennis tournament held in Indian Wells, CA. After having breakfast at the hotel, we had a bit of time to kill. This was the year I decided that I wanted to visit all national parks as a bucket list item so I suggested checking out JT and surprisingly, everyone agreed!

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’d know that I visited Joshua Tree earlier this year with Chris and we also checked out Keys View. Back in the day, we did almost the exact same thing and for some reason, that’s the main things I like to do here. Check out the rocks, take some cool snaps of the plants and enjoy the view at Keys View.

I’m planning a trip to Joshua Tree again before the year ends and this time I really want to do a full hike. In fact, I’m planning on possibly doing a hike this month for my birthday and have a picnic afterwards, but we’ll see. Lost Horse Mine and Hidden Valley trails caught my attention the last time I was here.

Oh, in case you didn’t notice, I ~fixed up the blog. I was feeling rather uninspired and having been really stoked about this theme, I figured it was the push I needed to be more active with this blog. Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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