Foodie Files

Fresno Sundate

In case you didn’t know, Chris recently started working a Monday through Friday job doing eight-hour shifts. I, on the other hand, work twelve-hour shifts which means I’m at work three days of the week (with one day being a weekend) and off for the other four. With that schedule, unfortunately, Chris and I tend to have only one full day off together which is Sunday. We don’t only catch up on chores on our day off together but we try to squeeze in an adventure (on top of all the wedding planning we’re doing)!

Last Sunday, Chris and I drove up to Fresno for the day. The original purpose was to drive to Trader Joe’s since we don’t have one in town but we ended up deciding to have lunch there instead. Fresno is basically the Los Angeles of the central valley in terms of it having big-named establishments as well as your hipster joints (aka my favorite)!

While at Trader Joe’s, I got stocked on some seasoning (that everything but the bagel seasoning though), boxed Indian foods (chicken masala, garlic naan), tropical salsa and probably snuck in some chocolate here and there. When I used to live right next toa Trader Joe’s, I was obsessed so I’m still bummed there isn’t one in town.

Eureka! Burgers

Eureka! is one of my favorite burger joints. They have really good yet simple burgers (nothing beats In-N-Out though). I used to get the Pearl Street Blues burger but they’ve since discontinued that so I settle for the Cowboy Burger – fried onions, bacon and beer barbecue sauce, served with a side of sweet potato fries. They add honey to their sweet potato fries which makes it 10000x better!

Ampersand Ice Cream

After lunch, I had the cravings for some ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but your hipster / local ice cream joint. After searching through Yelp, I came across Ampersand Ice Cream, which to our luck was only ten minutes down the road. They make their own ice cream with flavors changing every month!

Since it was our first visit, Chris and I decided to get the Flight of Four, where we got a scoop of four flavors. We chose the (top) Whiskey Caramel Swirl, Chocolate Chip; (bottom) Honeycomb & Madagascar Vanilla. The Honeycomb & Whiskey Caramel Swirl flavors were seriously out of this world delicious!! I wanted to get a pint to take home but since it was ridiculously hot that day, I figured the ice cream would be a milkshake by the time we got home.

Fresno reminds me so much of Los Angeles! I really enjoyed exploring this city and spending time with Chris on the one day we have off together. Stay tuned for the next adventure!