Getting to know you

This past Saturday, my mom took us to see The King and I at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. I actually went into the theater not knowing what this musical was about, as opposed to all the other musicals we’ve seen.

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre is one of my favorite places to be; the outside looks rather plain but walking into the lobby feels like walking into a whole new world. The details of the sculptures and even the walls so intricate – it’s breathtaking and beyond beautiful. Even the chandeliers manage to take your breath away.

The King and I was a great show. Everyone had such a fine performance. The musical bordered towards the comedic side and it was such a breath of fresh air from all the more serious shows I’ve seen. Fun fact: this musical is actually based on a true story!

After the show ended, my parents took us to Palms Restaurant down Hollywood Boulevard. It’s a hole-in-the-wall yet rather well-known Thai restaurant (how fitting since the musical was based on the life of a Thai king?!) and their prices are quite decent. The food was really good as well!

I forgot what these were called but these are bananas wrapped in egg roll wrapper, fried and topped with the good, sweet stuff.

I’m glad my mom takes the family to events like these. The theater world is rather amazing.