Visiting the Grand Canyon

On our second day in Arizona, we decided to drive to Grand Canyon National Park. We stopped by Williams, AZ where we grabbed a quick brunch and were greeted by a winter wonderland.

We almost canceled our drive because we didn’t expect snow so the cars weren’t equipped. However, after some reassurance from the locals that the roads would be safe, we decided to go on with our trip and I’m glad we did!

Even during the holidays, the park was packed! When we finally got settled in, we hiked over to the overlook point and enjoyed the beautiful sight. Unfortunately, due to the government shutdown, most trails in the park were blocked off (due to lack of staff and for safety reasons) so we took in the view of the canyon at Mather Point as much as we could.

We spent a good hour before heading back into town with our frozen and pink noses. Our group decided to have lunch at Big E Steakhouse and Saloon and bought some souvenirs at the nearby trading post. Once we wrapped up, we drove back to Kingman and spent the night relaxing.

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