Hiking in the Giant Forest

This past weekend, my family went out of town to Kingsburg, CA. Kingsburg is a tiny Swedish city just an hour away from our main purpose – Sequoia National Park. We arrived late Friday night, got checked in and prepared for our visit to the park.

I had previously visited Sequoia National Park last year with Chris when we had gone sometime during spring. We left the hotel around 8:45AM after making use of our hotel’s free continental breakfast; and we arrived at the parkings entrance an hour after. Our first agenda was stopping by the Overlook located on Generals Hwy.

When we arrived to the Sherman Tree trailhead, it was packed and we were forced to park in the Wolverton parking lot. From there, we rode the Route 4 shuttle and made our way to see my favorite sequoia!

We hiked the Congress trail which is a complete 2 mile hike – according to my Apple Watch, I burned 1194 calories in a span of two hours! The hike was beautiful; we stopped by different areas of the trail to snap some photos and enjoy the cool breeze the trees were giving.

On our way back, we took a break on the trail where we could easily see General Sherman. We didn’t get too close because of the long line trying to get a photo of him – but mark my words, he is the world’s largest sequoia tree. In the words of my teenage brothers, General Sherman is thick *insert laughing emoji*

I had such a great time hiking in my favorite national park! This may have been my second visit but everything was still as beautiful as the first time I was there. Nature is absolutely beautiful, #optoutside!

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