Kingman, Arizona

Every year, my family spends Christmas away from home. This year, my family traveled to Kingman, Arizona – a historic city located right in the heart of Route 66. If you didn’t know, Route 66 is known as the Main Street of America as it was one of the original highways in the US Highway System. Route 66 begins in Santa Monica, California on the west and reaches Chicago, Illinois.

My family has only driven through Arizona once when we traveled to Utah so it was pretty exciting to finally stop by here and enjoy the sights. Even better, we had family from Canada who were town and joined us on this trip! We arrived at one in the morning and went straight for bed. On our first day, we went to an alpaca farm and got to pet these adorable animals.

After our little tour at the alpaca farm, we had debated on driving straight to the Grand Canyon but decided to do it another day; instead, we enjoyed some of the little shops along Route 66. Our first stop was the Route 66 Museum. I bought some postcards for my collection and Postcrossing (I ended up buying over 30 postcards because they were so cheap!!) and got to learn about the history of the highway.

After exploring the museum and taking pictures, we grabbed a very late lunch at Floyd & Co. Real Pit BBQ and Wood Fired Pizza. It served as a double restaurant, barbecue on one side and pizza on the either. While my dad and uncle were at the brewery nearby, the rest of us decided to have some pizza. When they returned, we walked over to the other side of the restaurant where they ordered some BBQ sandwiches. Their food was really good! I encourage my family to eat locally when we travel so we really get to enjoy tastes that aren’t in California!

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