Krinkl’d & Vida Vegan

krinkl’d by eena

When the quarantine hit, just like everyone and their moms, I ended up spending more time in the kitchen than I originally planned. This time spent baking resulted in me creating my own side hustle, KRINKL’D KOOKIES! I started selling crinkled cookies in ube, chocolate, lemon and red velvet. While I continue to be fortunate to have my full-time job, Krinkl’d served as an escape from the chaos going around me and it’s garnered me close to $500 for being in business for only two months!

vida vegan co.

When restrictions started easing, my friend Jamie and I actually drove over to the next town to try out some vegan food. We drove to Bakersfield and grabbed lunch at Vida Vegan Co and ended up finding an abandoned park, sanitized everything and enjoyed a little picnic! I opted for the Sweet Heat Nashville Sandwich and paired it with a strawberry lemonade. I was very impressed because it was a very filling meal (didn’t even finish my meal!) and it tasted amazing. Jamie and I also stopped by Trader Joe’s to do some shopping before heading home!

Anyways, hope everyone is staying safe! Wear your masks, practice social distancing and wash yo hands!

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  • Nancy
    June 28, 2020 at 12:58 PM

    Hi Eena! It is so cool that you opened up Krinkl’d Kookies! I love the name!! Super cute hehe. It’s great news that you’ve made some good $$$$$ out of this experience :).

    It is great that you took advantage of getting some outdoor time at Veda Vegan!! I am happy that restaurants are being more sanitary now, so you can’t go wrong with that. OK was there a wait at Trader Joe’s?? Every time I try to go, they have a lime :(. Glad you had a great time out!!

    Nancy ✨


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