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Le Pain Quotidien

Hello dear reader, and welcome to another episode of the Foodie Files here on Cabin Twenty-Four!

My youngest brother recently broke his earphones so my mom and I decided to head to Apple to get them exchanged. While waiting for our appointment for the Genius Bar at Apple, we decided to stroll down any open establishments in Downtown Pasadena. My mom suggested Starbucks; however, we ended up at Le Pain Quotidien. Apparently, le pain quotidian easily translates to “the daily bread”.

One look at the menu, and it’s safe to say that Le pain Quotidien is a rather hipster food place. Pretty food and even prettier table settings = very photogenic establishment. I had originally wanted to get the spicy shrimp and avocado toast but opted for the warm chocolate Belgian waffle. My mom loves her sweets so she wanted a chocolate chip cookie.

Unfortunately, right when our server arrived, I received a text from Apple saying that we needed to check-in within ten minutes or our spot would be given away. Instead of ordering the waffle, I settled for a chocolate chip cookie and their raspberry lemonade.

HOW MASSIVE IS THAT COOKIE?! It was really good, especially since it was warmed up! Their raspberry lemonade tasted really good but it bordered more on the sour side rather than the sweet side, which is how I prefer my lemonades. It was nice getting some alone time with my mom since I always enjoy our talks. She did judge me and laughed when I was taking pictures of the place but fooooood. I replied to her with “if I never took photos of my food, was I ever really there?!”

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Le Pain Quotidien
88 W Colorado Blvd #102
Pasadena CA 91105