Toby, Oranges, Poke

Chris took Toby (my furbaby) to the vet last week. He was uncontrollably peeing on things he shouldn’t have and the vet diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. He got medications for it and he’s feeling much better now! Toby was a stray cat that used to hang around in Chris’ backyard, now they’ve taken him indoors.

On top of having a succulent collection, my mom and I started gardening. Like really gardening. She’s growing potatoes, ginger and onions. Then she decided to buy two citrus dwarf trees – orange and lemon. We transferred them to the ground this past week and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they thrive! We’re planning on getting the mulch sometime next week to protect it from other living things within its vicinity.

I met up with two of my closest nursing school friends, Michelle and Debbie, last week. We had lunch at our usual spot during nursing school, Gogo Poke, then stopped by Tea Bar which was right next door. Poke is the best; although I need to watch my intake of raw fish because too much can obviously be too much.

Southern California got a lot of rain recently! Winters in California are typically warm and sunny, but this year’s winter is a cold one. Since the rain started, we’ve been plagued with extreme cold which ultimately meant, defrosting my car for five minutes in the mornings as I got ready to leave for work since there would be ice on it. I love the cold so I’m perfectly fine with it but I do enjoy the cold weather more when I get to stay at home.

What’s been happening in your life lately?

  • It's been raining a lot in England too (surprise, surprise) haha. Awh I'm glad Toby is feeling better now, he looks so adorable and cuddly in that photo. Oohh it's awesome that your mom is into gardening. :3 For me, I currently have a one-week break from uni so I'm spending most of my time writing blog posts and reading/commenting on my favourite blogs (like tada here I am now hehe ;3). β™‘

  • I agree with you with the cold weather. I prefer to spend it at home, cuddle in a good book and maybe drink a cup of tea or coffee. Hehe! However, the only closest cold weather I get to experience is during the rainy seasons. πŸ™

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

  • Awe your kitty cat is so cute, I hope he feels better soon! I dream of adopting a stray pet but no strays ever come my way πŸ™ It would be so cool to have a garden with citrus trees, I wish I had a backyard! Does that tea bar have bubble tea? I've been addicted to the stuff since moving up here.

  • Hehe he's doing so much better! We actually only live in a townhouse type of home; we don't have a backyard but we got lucky with the mini front yard. We're moving to a house soon, so when that happens, all the planting!

    I do like bubble tea! But at the end of the day, I'm more of a milk tea person. :3

  • Eenernernenenernernernerenernener I FINALLY figured out how to leave you a comment πŸ™‚ Love you sweetie and Toby says hi and he misses you.

  • We're getting some rain this week, I'm so stoked! He is super cuddly – he weighs 20 lbs and is the biggest ball of fluff ever! Enjoy your week off from uni, Nana β™₯

  • Yes I need more poke buddies although I am controlling my intake of raw fish at the moment, hahah. It's over for NorCal but I believe not as much for SoCal πŸ™

  • YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY sorry it's a little complicated ;_; but I think you just sign up with Disqus with either your Facebook or Google account. Love ya too! I miss my Tobers a lot :3

  • I'm glad Toby is feeling better. That's awesome that you guys are gardening. I've always wanted to garden… but I have no patience… or a front yard lol (currently living with my parents!) maybe when I get my own place! (Maybe! lol)

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