Life Lately

This past week has gone by rather quickly. The days were filled with rain for the most part, which was desperately needed in this state. Not much has happened; here are a few snaps from this week!

Chris and I played a quick game of Monopoly: Millionaire last Saturday. It’s different than regular Monopoly because the game isn’t twice as long and the first player to have a million dollars wins – I lost, sadly.

When we went out to buy my brother’s cake from our to-go bakery, I looked up and saw this for the first time. I’ve been buying their cakes and pastries for quite some time now.

In a previous entry, I publicly admitted my undying love for succulents and cacti. After reading up articles on propagating succulents, I decided to give it a try. These babies are now resting on top of soil and I’m patiently waiting for their roots to come in.

I had a great lunch today at Bread and Barley. It’s a hole-in-the-wall type of gastropub; and while I didn’t order any alcohol, I did get their rueben sandwich with a side of sweet potato tots. I repeat, SWEET POTATO TOTS.

  • Didn't even know Sweet Potato Tots were a thing! Actually tbf I don't even know what potato tots are (lol for being not from the US?)… Good luck with the succulents! Also whaaa I would be so bad at millionaire monopoly too, since I always think I have more money when I actually don't have any and spend it all hahah!

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

  • Oh I haven't played Monopoly in years! My sister and I used to have a Lord of the Rings version that we would play A TON back when we were both in school. So much fun! Hope you're having a nice weekend 🙂

  • I'm a fan of succulents but I've had the worst luck with them as all of mine have died. I guess it turns out that I was watering them way too often, which makes sense. I haven't been brave enough to get more but one of these days I might have to.

  • Hi, Eena! I'm just new here, and I'm glad to read this post! 🙂 the last time I played monopoly was 7 or more years ago! Geez. I found this new game called Exploding Kittens. You should probably try that. It's a really, really, really fun game!

    I also love succulents (aside from the fact that its the only plants that don't die on me)! Lol.

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