Marble Falls Hike

Chris and I have been quite busy these past few weeks leading into the month of May. In fact, I actually went two and a half weeks straight without a day off working both jobs (I work as a psychiatric mental health nurse in acute psych, as well as working with the elderly population diagnosed with Alzheimers or dementia). Work can be exhausting at times but I honestly would not change it for anything else. On the first Monday of May, I finally got a day off and decided that Chris and I spend it up in the mountains. First day off and I still went out to hike/exercise? Why not, right?

Despite living close to the mountains for nearly half a year now, I only heard of Marble Falls recently after seeing a friend post about her own hiking experience. I was instantly hooked and decided that I needed to go soon! It’s located close to the Potwisha campground in the Sequoia National Park so the drive wasn’t too draining.

We actually got lost trying to find the hike as it was tucked away within the campground and we made several loops around it. We were close to heading back when we finally came across a park ranger who pointed us in the right direction. After following the ranger’s directions, we found the trailhead rather quickly!

The trail was shaded nicely but to be honest – we never finished the hike for several reasons: 1) Chris was also getting bit by insects left and right (his right arm was swollen for a good week after the hike after who-knows-what bit him) and 2) we honestly weren’t on our A-game that day (I forgot to read up on how long the hike was; forgot bug spray; forgot our inhalers at home)… It happens, especially when it’s been a while since you’ve stepped foot on the dirt path.

Despite that, we were able to enjoy the views and see nature! On the way  back to where we parked, we found a quick path to the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River and just sat there and admired the view while listening to the water. The water flowing through this park is honestly the cleanest and clearest water I’ve ever seen in my life.

We stopped by Lake Kaweah on the way home since the lake’s water levels are finally rising! You know what that means – almost time for summer lake adventures and some fishing! We grabbed some bourbon BBQ burgers as well and enjoyed that when we got home! We may not have finished the hike but it was still a great day spent together outdoors.


Length: 8-miles, round and back
Elevation: 4307 ft
To the trailhead: Take the 198 East, which right to the park, where it becomes the Generals Highway. An entrance fee is charged to access the park. Four miles into the park, cross over the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River and Potwisha Campground on the left. To the right is a parking area across from the campground that those not staying at Potwisha Campground can use for day use (like hiking to Marble Falls).

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