March Photo Dump

Inspired by Nancy and entries from my old blog, I decided to revive my old blog series – the monthly photo dump!

Monthly Photo Dumps are basically end-of-the-month entries where I dump photos that never get its own blog post or never make it to the ‘gram. They include little background stories and that’s about it. Years ago, I regularly made these posts to show what I’ve been up to the past month. So, photo dumps are making a comeback!

Squares on squares on squares

Seeing the sunset on my way to work / showing off a huge lemon that my friend, Abby, harvested from her garden / Chris & I made friends with some cute little kitties on our afternoon walk one day!

Stocking up!

Finally got to stock up on my favorite Waikiki Beach Coconut scent (bought 4 bottles!) and decided to try out the Island Sea Salt Mango. I got lucky on these since Bath & Body Works had them on sale for $7 AND had the $10 off $30 coupon – kaching! After shopping, Chris and I had lunch at Red Robin since it was located conveniently right next to the store!

Wedding Planning in a Leuchtturm1917

I’m obsessed with notebooks and writing everything down. After reviving my old bullet journal, I made the decision to purchase a new notebook which I’ll be using for wedding planning (and maybe some doodles and what not… who knows where my mind takes me). I’m so excited to break into my new notebook!

Green Tea errthang

Chris and I stopped by Save Mart after we finished our laundry and decided that it was the perfect night for ice cream. He got his Ben & Jerry’s while I stumbled on the LAST container of green tea ice cream!! This is my absolute favorite ice cream flavor, next to cookie dough and cookies n cream but ahhh. That night, we had some homemade BBQ pulled chicken sandwich (made by yours truly), finished off with some ice cream.

And yes, I have a new favorite hedge that has become so aesthetically pleasing that I’ve used it as a back drop for several photos. How do you like the photo dumps? Yay, nay? Should’ve kept it on the old blog? Let me know! In the meantime, let me know how your month of March went!

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