Foodie Files

Marion Crepes

I love finding new places to eat. The less known, the better! With that in mind, I decided to start a new series on my blog called, Foodie Files, where I write about the new restaurants I stumble upon. Really unique, I know.

First up, Marion Crepes. This little place is found in the Santa Anita Mall, right next to my parents’ favorite Mediterranean food stand, Massis Kabob. We came across this place after watching Guardians of the Galaxy (really awesome movie by the way!) and my parents decided to buy some food before heading home. My brother noticed it, and my dad treated us to some.

Marion Crepes refers to their establishment as the original harajuku style crepe from Japan. Not sure what harajuku means, but their menu boasts customized sweet and savory crepes rolled for on-the-go.

I opted for the Japanese Sundae from the dessert section. It came with azukibean, kuromitsu sauce, green tea ice cream and kinako powder. To be honest, apart from the green tea ice cream, I’m not quite sure what the rest of the ingredients were but I really liked it. The price tag on this was $7.50 + tax (at this location).

Rate 10/10 will definitely come back again.

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Marion Crepes
Westfield Santa Anita
400 S Baldwin Ave, FC-7
Arcadia CA 91007