Memorial Day Hike

Going to the mountains is going home – John Muir

For ages, my aunt and I have been planning to go hiking. When I say ages, I mean, ageeeeees. We finally went today on Memorial Day since we didn’t have to work. Our initial plan was to hike in Santa Anita Canyon to Sturvetant Falls; however, upon arriving, it was packed and we decided to find another trail.

I suggested the Monrovia Canyon Trail as I’ve hiked it a few times before and my aunt agreed to check it out. It wasn’t as packed as the other trail was; unfortunately, the pass we had bought for the other place didn’t work with the second place. We paid for the day pass, got to the parking lot and went our merry way.

I’m really out of shape so the 0.75 miles to the tiny waterfall almost knocked my breath away! My aunt’s been hiking regularly so I guess you can say she’s a pro.

On our way back, we stopped by a really green section of the hike which reminded us of Oregon (aka home sweet home… someday).

When we were back at the trailhead, we noticed the Nature Center was open. We popped in for a quick look but instead, we got a free lecture on ticks and saw the ranger feed Madagascar hissing cockroaches to a bunch of toads. She also informed us of another trail, which we’re looking into hiking next week!

We hiked for nearly an hour and according to my watch, got a total distance of 1.53 miles. After the hike, I went with my parents and brothers to see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie while my aunt headed home. Until the next hike!