Golf, Family & BBQ

Last Memorial Day weekend, my family (parents + brothers) drove up from Los Angeles to spend time with me and Chris! Our weekend was filled with golf, barbecue and spending time together.

In case you didn’t know, I grew up in a golfing family – my dad has golfed since he was twelve; so have I. My brothers are currently in their high school’s golf team, with one acting as the team captain. Although playing on and off, golf is the only sport I really know how to play without even trying too hard. Chris, on the other hand, has been trying his hardest to learn golf so we can someday religiously golf on the weekends.

My family arrived on a Saturday afternoon and we immediately went to grab lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. After lunch, we packed up our golf bags and headed off to the nine-hole par 3 golf course in Exeter. While the course was short, it was tricky – especially since the green wasn’t well-maintained which made it harder to estimate how strong or how slow to putt the ball in.

My dad (in orange) opted to get golf carts due to the heat – we were there from 3-5pm. I actually was surprised at how decent I played considering it’s been two years since I’ve been at the golf course/driving range. In the words of my dad, “golf is something you carry with you forever.” True that, dad.

After the game, we headed back to our place and got the grill ready for some barbecue fun! Chris and I recently bought a grill before my parents came over so this was our first time using it! Needless to say, the grill was amazing. So amazing that I ended up buying one for my parents for their house.

It was a weekend spent well with people close to my heart. We saw some rain on Sunday so we pretty much stayed indoors. My parents and brothers left around six in the evening after the rain had calmed down. Can’t wait until the next time we golf and pop this grill out!