My Patch Affair

Backpacks have always been my number one choice of bag (or clothing accessory?). While browsing backpacks on Amazon, I came across the JanSport Hatchet and immediately fell in love. I originally wanted a different color combination but since I’m a Prime member, I chose to buy it off Amazon instead – hello, free shipping! I got one for Chris too as a Valentine’s gift for our future hikes/trips together!

And to add, I love browsing through Pinterest and Etsy; when I came across the idea of adding patches to my backpack – I thought, why not? And to make it even more personal, I started browsing the Internet for patches of all the national parks I’ve been to. I got lucky because the ePark website exists!

I got even luckier when I came across For The Love of Patch on Etsy. All the patches in this Etsy store is to die for! I snagged up my backpack’s first three patches from here! For all your patch needs, check out For The Love of Patch!

Right now, I’m in the process of purchasing more patches.

Say hello to my new patch affair aka my new project!

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