Newport Coast – Views & Poolside

Believe me when I say Newport Coast is amazing because it really is. Our first day there, which was Saturday, was spent exploring the place and hanging by the pool. In the morning, we had a “friendly” basketball game, which we had to forfeit because Chris wasn’t feeling too well towards the end. Chris suffers from asthma and it almost usually shows up when he puts his body under strenuous forms of exercise – my family’s very competitive so you can imagine that our basketball game was on the very competitive side (winning team gets Starbucks after all!).

After the game, we decided to check the pool out. If you went to the second floor of the registration building, you were greeted with this amazing view.

Prior to this trip, I invested in a waterproof phone case for my iPhone – BEST $10 of my life. I was able to take my phone into the water without it getting destroyed.

That evening, we had my uncle’s 50th birthday party with the theme of “vintage dude”. The food was great but the company was even greater. A million shades of red later, I’m still reminiscing about Newport Coast and can’t wait until I set foot in this vacation club again.

I’m bummed because I took so many photos and had such a difficult time finding the ones I wanted to share. Also, I took most photos with my iPhone and I’m really sort of determined on getting a camera. My family owns a DSLR but it’s the family camera… I want to save up and get my own. Any suggestions?

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